Osaka JR Network Map

Osaka Subway Railway Map

Here’s a picture I took of Osaka JR West (I think). When I first went to Osaka, me and my friends were a little worried of messing up with the trains, so I was the designated subway guide. We had to take the last train to Rinku Town (the little sign that says りんくうタウン) just before  the Kansai International Airport on the top-right (light blue line).  We wanted to go to as many places as possible, of course, without missing our train, so this little picture helped me a lot ^^ Riding trains seems extremely complex the first time but funny enough, with a good map, it’s quite simple.

Update: Special Thanks to Flapy in Japan (Un Español en Japón) for pointing out that it’s not Osaka’s subway station, but actually Osaka JR, which are not related. Gracias! ^^

We were very late for the last train, in fact, a little too late. Somehow we managed to get on the train, but had I not been a good guide, the lady whose hair can be seen and on the picture would have killed me (three girls against one guy is disatvantage).

Osaka bay beach in Rinku Town near Kansai International Airport

As I wrote about Rinku Town in Osaka earlier, it’s great and I love Osaka (more than Tokyo), though most folks around here prefer Tokyo I think.  Few days ago, a native Tokyo girl asked me why I love Osaka. I’m not sure myself, but I told her it was first love, since I spent my first days in Osaka. In any case, Shibuya, Shinjuku, and Tokyo are much more impressive than Osaka. But I won’t exchange good takoyaki for that =)

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  1. says

    Hi, my friend !!
    I really envy you !! I wish i could speak english, spanish, japanese and chinese !! I speak engluish and spanish and deling with japanese now, but chinese look so hard… :(
    By the way, just a small comment. Thats not the Osaka subway, that map belongs to Osaka JR network, which is independent from subway network.

    Here u have a PDF with the osaka subway map. I hope it helps :


  2. Hao says

    Hi Mr. Flapy!

    Naw, nothing to envy, I too have a long road ahead when it comes to learning languages too ^^

    Also, thanks for pointing out my mistake — I have corrected it and credited you above =) I wasn’t completely sure whether or not JR was part of the subway network, now I am!


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