How Asians Take Pictures

How Asians take Pictures

Since Japan is the top digital camera producer with brands like Canon, Sony, Nikon, Panasonic, Olympus, it’s important to know how they along with the rest of us Asian friends take pictures ^^; for those interested in not only the technical aspects of cameras but also the different stances when it comes to taking pictures.

How Asians take Pictures

For those who need to take a clear picture without a tripod, the above sumo camera stance will definitely help — keeps your camera well balanced and lets you adjust height without compromising quality.

How Asians take Pictures

The knees-in butt-out technique is great for older folks who have a problem with the sumo stance — perfect for those 50 and up.

How Asians take Pictures

The extended crossed-feet pelican stance is great for taking pictures of shorter gals or kids. Also favored by men who wear tight curdoroy pants =)

How Asians take Pictures

The quarter-squat extended back is safer for those with back problems — nothing worse than cracking a spinal disc while taking a picture!

How Asians take Pictures

Another folk using the popular sumo stance — as I said before, perfect for adjusting height on demand.

How Asians take Pictures

And finally, the inclined torso stance, also known as the human unzooming stance, is perfect for targets walking your way.

Are you fond of a particular technique or would like to share a new one? =) Photos via detchapat


  1. says

    I’m pretty sure that’s how I look when I take pictures =D will have to think again about it when I take strange pictures

    Actually I never said that I wasn’t a part of the gallery!

  2. IamJacksBrain says

    I saw someone taking a picture with his front leg bent and his hands up in the air so his hands formed a long arc all the way to his straight back leg. I thought he was just being an ass, but I see it’s possible it was his picture taking pose.

  3. says

    Moment that is all good.
    Good for the collection
    Truly clever take pictures like that



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